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~Frostline Daylilies is the dedicated website for the daylily introductions of Northern Grown Perennials.

  • Northern Grown
  • Northern Hybridized


To many hybridizers, northern means zone 5 or 6 in the relative warmth of Indiana, Illinois or Ohio. To us, northern means a frigid zone 4 in Wisconsin.


To produce for the gardening public a diverse array of daylily hybrids which exemplify both beauty and hardiness for a wide range of settings. All our daylilies are field grown on our Wisconsin farm and nursery.


To be considered for introduction, our daylilies must meet the following standards:

  • Distinctive Beauty of Bloom
  • Good Foliage and Plant Habit
  • Vigor
  • Hardiness


When you purchase any Northern Grown Perennials introduction you are covered by a two-fold guarantee. First, you must be pleased with the plants upon receipt. Second, grow our introduction for two seasons, and if at the end of the second growing season you are not entirely pleased, just return the undivided clump with original shipping label and name tag. In both cases we will without hesitation refund both the original purchase price and your shipping costs. No one has yet to take us up on this guarantee, and we intend to keep it that way. We want you to be entirely pleased with our plant introductions.  We never ship less than a double fan plant unless otherwise stated.




Email is the best way to communicate with us. We almost always are able to respond the same day. Feel entirely free to get in touch with us if you have any questions. We enjoy interaction with fellow gardeners. Contact us at ngp@mwt.net

Phone: 608-734-3178 (mornings: 6:00 AM; late evenings after dark until 11:00 pm)



Northern Grown Perennials

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If so, we invite you to visit our home website which lists hundreds of hostas, a small selection of top quality peonies, plus a general listing of daylilies, including some of our own Hosta introductions. 

Access the Northern Grown Perennials site at www.hostalink.com

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